VeriMAG1 is a stand-alone smart field testing instrument, which has the capability to test the integrity of an installed flowmeter, for functionality of the connection between the sensor and transmitter, and all important internal components of the device.

The verificator checks the MAGB1 flowmeter towards its original calibration certificate hence it can detect any irregularity of its measurement status and confirm its accuracy within spectrum of ±1%.

The operator is able to determine by, the certificate generated, any internal fault, inaccuracies or early signs of failure, which will help to reduce expensive maintenance jobs.

Advantages The main advatages of VeriMAG1 can be summarized as follows:

  • performance check without interrupting the flowmeter installation
  • time saving with results in less than 15 minutes
  • full verification report that determines if the meter is within 1% of the original factory calibration
  • easy to carry on site
  • battey and big storage allows to carry more test on one site visit
  • very easy to operate with a user-frendly Windows-based software

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